Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Brief Thought on Audacity & Evolution

In nature, evolution is the result of genetic mutation. The weird kid in the herd outlives the others because his mutation gives him the survival advantage.

In human nature, organizations, communities, and societies evolve when their bold members propose and pursue audacious ideas. Innovative ideas. Way-the-hell-away-from-the-box ideas.

The funny looking marsupial becomes the next best version of her kind, the founder of a new generation of wombats.

The member, co-worker, or neighbor suggesting that stupid idea today will be a genius ten years from now.

Change doesn't happen quickly. Neither does evolution. But it does require people who are willing to think differently, creatively, absurdly.

Who cares what others will think of your idea? They may balk at it. They may shake their heads. They may ask you if you're feeling okay. Be bold. Be daring. Have the audacity to say it anyway. If an organization or community is going to evolve, it most certainly won't be due to everyone proposing and pursuing the same ideas.