Friday, April 15, 2011

Student-Centered vs. Educator-Centered

Meaningful learning is the result of knowledge construction, not knowledge transmission. Educating, then, is really about facilitating the learning process. The best educators don't "teach" or "develop" -- or even "educate" -- they facilitate. They put students in the driver's seat, the director's chair. Educators create the environments, provide the resources, and offer guidance -- but the students create the knowledge. This is how Student-Centered Professionals (SCPs) differ from Educator-Centered Professionals (ECPs).

ECPs give answers.
SCPs ask questions.

ECPs know they have degrees.
SCPs know they are still students themselves.

ECPs are convinced.
SCPs are curious.

ECPs build resumes.
SCPs build relationships.

ECPs are subjective.
SCPs are objective.

ECPs explain what the image on the finished jigsaw puzzle means.
SCPs let students put the puzzle together and figure out what it means.

Being an ECP is easy.
Being an SCP takes patience and effort.