Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Create Shared Experiences

Have you ever gone to a great conference and returned with a fire lit under you, only to find that your co-workers or fellow members don't have the same passion as you (or are annoyed by yours)? Have you ever gone to an amazing movie, but when you try to tell your friends about it, they don't seem to be that into it? There's a reason why.

Experience trumps all -- first-hand experience.

Reporting back what you learned from the conference, no matter how much excitement you infuse into your report, will never be as inspirational as actually attending the conference. Hearing someone boast about an awesome movie is not nearly as thrilling as seeing it for yourself.

Second-hand experience is dull. It loses its power. Being in the action is what inspires. It's what motivates. It's where learning takes place. It's where people want to be. And when the experience is shared with others, it can be an unstoppable force.

Shared experiences create culture. They build bonds. They make memories. Their power can be harnessed to produce many positive dividends for a team, organization, family, or any group of people with a common purpose.

If you want to influence change, if you want to inspire or motivate others, if you want to facilitate learning or growth, create shared experiences. Create opportunities for people to come together and do or see or explore something unique or fun or meaningful with each other. Allow them to help create the experience, to shape its direction and outcome. Let them play the game, rather than watch it from the sidelines (or listen to you commentate).

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  1. I absolutely agree. It also explains why you need to come to Bonnaroo this year. Come share that experience with me (and 79,998 other people).


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