Friday, August 13, 2010

Today's Lesson: Look Up

My lesson today is simple, because it was inspired from simplicity.

When I set out on my run this afternoon, I had no idea what I was going to write about. Approximately three minutes in -- this is usually when my heart rate starts to increase, my sweat breaks (it's humid here), and the day's lesson presents itself for deeper reflection -- I still had nothing.

I looked up. And that's when I found my lesson.

In the week since I began my blog, I've run over 60,000 feet, and I've spent most of it looking at the 6 feet in front of me. I've been running with my head to the ground, focused on the blandness of the paved black running path that guides me on this little spiritual journey I've taken. I think I do it to help me focus on my thoughts. Everything but the path I'm on is a distraction.

When I looked up, I saw the world that has been passing me by for the past week. I saw the simple beauty that surrounded me: the trees, the sky, the sun, the water. The barren black running path was replaced with greens and blues and yellows and every color in between. As I write these words, it almost seems ridiculous. But I realized how I can frequently overlook and under-appreciate the small things, and not just when I run. Often, I view what should be opportunities for growth, learning, or relationship-building as "distractions" from all the work I have to get done.

I appreciated today's run probably more than any other run I've ever been on.

It's amazing how a simple shift in focus can change your whole perspective.

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